This article explore benefits of outsourcing business, HR , Payroll and Marketing services for global companies with specific reference to East Africa

Outsourcing payroll services in a new market. (East Africa)

Payroll outsourcing is the fastest-growing segment of the global human resource outsourcing (HRO) market. Organizations are rapidly adopting outsourced payroll services to achieve cost reduction, service quality and accountability. They either outsource a single process or the entire services to enhance the existing function. Managing payroll in-house involves high costs. Organizations that maintain an in-house team for tasks such as payroll, time and attendance, workforce administration, and benefits administration spend more time and human resource than organizations that outsource the same functions. Human Resource and Payroll Outsourcing is no longer seen as just a cost-cutting tactic for organisations, it is now being considered as a strategic solution.

Why you should outsource payroll services?
There are mainly three reasons as to why you should consider outsourcing your payroll services now and in the years to ahead;

1. Cost management.
This is the first reason that comes to every business especially companies with global operations, many businesses look to save money in whichever ways they can, and expanding internationally is expensive. It goes without saying that organisations can’t afford to build up necessary Human Resource and Payroll everywhere they operate. Combined with the savings which come from consolidation and automation, and business will be far better placed to continue its global expansion journey. Hiring a professional Human Resource (HR) agency to Handle HR and Payroll on outsourced basis becomes a wise option.
In addition, outsourced HR and Payroll agencies can help companies to be compliant which in return will avoid unwanted costs that result from non-compliance.

2. Compliance.
Businesses operating in multiple locations should be mindful that each country has its own local legislation. Payroll Management as a Human Resource function is driven or guided by a local legislation; companies need to ensure that laws in whichever region they operate are followed. You do not need to be an expert in every region you operate when it comes to governance and compliance; instead you can rely on a Human resource service provider to ensure that you are compliant regardless of the location. For example Working with Regional based Human Resource Companies or Agencies in a Region like East Africa would ensure you have a HR or Payroll agency in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda) would ensure a business has the best advice on local Labour and income Tax laws in these countries
Outsourced payroll providers recognize the importance of striking the correct balance between local and global aspects of payroll, in terms of ensuring compliance with all local market legislations whilst optimizing the benefits that a global offering can deliver. This is built and achieved through the systems, local knowledge and the modernized approach to payroll services.

3. Accuracy, Reliability and security.
By making mistakes in your payroll and HR department, you not only risk frustrating your employees but also the authorities in the country you are operating in. with a highly respected service provider, you are far less likely to make any payroll errors.
While your employees may be skilled to handle your HR and payroll issues, there is always the chance that one of them may be away on holiday or sick leave. The most minor change to routine can cause payroll department’s great challenges. It is crucial that companies ensure that output remains unaffected always. Outsourcing payroll is a guaranteed way to ensure nothing changes, whatever happens in terms of illness or holidays. It also saves huge amounts of time and provide piece of mind, as you won’t have to help new employees get to grips with your payroll system.
For businesses operating internationally, having details of personnel on file all over the world involves the potential security risk of exposure to a range of sophisticated cyberattacks. With financial details at the core of payroll and HR department records, it’s crucial that each moment of your organization is prepared and able to defend itself against breaches. To do so, companies must implement the right infrastructure, yet several simply don’t have the resources to keep records safe. Outsourcing to a payroll services provider means you’ll be reaping the benefits from industry specific technologies which are able to prevent attacks from taking place.

Organisations need to consider outsourced payroll agency services as part of their business strategy. Outsourcing is a great deal to all companies especially those intending to expand their international reach, reduce costs and improve their overall processes. By outsourcing you can relaxing with the confidence of your business being in the right hands when it gets to Human resource services (payroll services)

What are some of the Services most global companies outsource?

1. Outsourced Payroll Services
A company get a Payroll Agency to outsource payroll in either a particular continent e.g. Africa or in a particular region for example East Africa (Kenya Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda). Regional Payroll Agencies offer the advantage of being able to serve a company in several countries so only one payment is made in several counties.

A good payroll agency should ensure full compliance with Human Resource /Labour laws and Tax laws in the country or region. Services offered include payroll processing, remittances of taxes and statutory deductions like social welfare, pension etc.

2. Outsourced Human Resource (HR) Services
Services range from full professional employer service (SEO), employer of records (EOR) or recruitment only. HR Outsourcing Services in East Africa for International Companies

3. Outsourced Immigration Services
Global companies need support in processing work permits business visa resident passes and special passes in the countries they operate. Immigration and Relocation Services in East Africa

4. Marketing Management Support
Global companies need distributors and agents in the countries they sell goods and services too. Outsource marketing Partner or agency can help appoint distributors, employ marketing staff, manage warehouses etc. Labor Management.

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