Globally businesses are increasingly outsourcing none core functions including Human Resource (HR) functions. A Company can outsource the entire HR function including payroll management or processing or can outsource payroll to an external service provider as a single function.

This will mean getting a Human (HR) Resource Agency otherwise called a Payroll Agency or Payroll Firm to provide the Service. Outsourced Payroll Services may be sought for different reasons including the need to downsize the finance or hr function, the need to enhance integrity of Payroll Processing etc

Several factors must be born in mind when selecting a firm or agency or company to outsource payroll to. One is the ability or capacity of the payroll service provider to perform the task or render the payroll service professional complying with all Tax and Labour laws of the host country

An outsourced payroll service provider may be required to  have a payroll system or just the capacity to process the payroll manually or using basic software like excel

The service may include:

  1. payroll data entry
  2. Payroll Processing
  3. Payroll report generation
  4. Preparing of pays lips
  5. Paying employees through the bank
  6. Remitting statutory deductions.

Career Options Africa is a Payroll Agency/Firm/Company in East Africa operating in Kenya Nairobi, Tanzania Dar Es Salaam, Kampala Uganda and Kigali Rwanda.

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