Outsourcing Services enables businesses to focus on their core processes and hence cut down unnecessary costs and attain sustainable growth. Human Resource Outsourcing is currently trending as it’s not only embraced by small organizations but also the large companies.

Among the HR outsourcing solutions,Outsourced Payroll processing is cited as one of the most outsourced HR administrative burdens. It is one of the most labor and time intensive tasks in any business organization. Hence outsourced payroll management is one service that most business owners would embrace cheerfully. Some main reasons why organizations turn to payroll processing companies could be to save on time and cost, embrace security, avoid unnecessary mistakes, and ensure compliance.

Payroll management process outsourced only is not always a breakthrough. This is because you’re left behind with numerous reports to prepare for your payroll service provider, which is equally tedious as when you handle your payroll in-house. The best solution is to involve an integrated HR outsourcing service provider who will put in place a strong HR administration system, which includes time and labor tracking.

Career options Africa Ltd is a leading provider of integrated HR outsourcing solutions in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda which includes payroll processing services and salary outsource service among other services.  We provide flexible corporate payroll services that improve the quality of payroll management process for employers of all sizes. We handle the time consuming tasks of payroll processing and employee payroll statutory deduction filing so employers – regardless of their size – can focus on their core business.

How we Work:

  1. Create the client into our multi-currency and multi-company payroll system.
  2. Making monthly changes to variable pay data including salary changes, overtime, loans and advances.
  3. Entering temporally staff data where the client hires day casuals
  4. Computing gross earning and total deductions
  5. Preparing monthly payroll report for approval by client including month by month variation report as an internal control measure.
  6. Processing and emailing employee pay slips
  7. Remitting monthly statutory deductions on behalf clients to their respective Governmental bodies in the respective eat African countries.
  8. Processing individual P.A.Y.E tax cards for annual returns
  9. Procurement of affordable WIBA covers
  10. Provide free computerized employee records management at no extra cost
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