Career Options Africa Group was a Human Resource in Nairobi in  2003. Since then we have expanded into six East Africa Countries spreading from Indian Ocean to Atlantic Ocean. The countries are Kenya, Tanzania. Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi Democratic Republic Congo (DRC).

Some of our clients call us agency, others call us consultant, others call us partners

In all six countries, we offer the following services

  1. Recruitment including;
  • Staff search and selection
  • Executive search and Selection
  • Head Hunting
  • Aptitude testing
  • Background checking

2. Human Resource Outsourcing including;

  • Professional Employer Organization (EOR)
  • Employer of Records (EOR)
  • Labour management
  • Outsourced Payroll
  • Last milling filling of tax, pension etc.

3. Immigration support including;

  • Business VISA
  • Special Pass
  • Work Permit
  • Resident Pass

4. Business facilitation

  • New Business registration
  • Registration with tax and other statutory bodies
  • Advise on local law and compliance
  • Filling tax returns

Where to find us in East Africa

  • In Kenya our offices are in Nairobi
  • In Uganda our offices are in Kampala
  • In Rwanda our offices are in Kigali
  • In Burundi our offices are in Bujumbura
  • In DRC our offices are in Kinshasa

What does DRC Entry in East Africa community potted for the region;

  1. More citizens of the Rest of East Africa shall migrate to DRC in search of jobs. More Recruitment agencies and companies can count on more business.
  2. Larger labour pool in the region. Companies in DRC can recruit specialist labour easily from rest of East Africa.
  3. Experts from rest of east Africa especially more advanced economies like Kenya shall find more job opportunities in Democratic Republic of Congo
  4. More global companies shall find DRC attractive for business and there shall be more immigration, more Employer of Records, Payroll and recruitment services for global companies in Kinshasa.
  5. Citizens of rest of east Africa can easily get VISA, Work Permit and Resident Pass
  6. More global companies shall need support to register branches in DRC
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